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New Buildings - Green Star Rating Tool

Choose from the suite of 4 new building tools or customise a tool for your new building.

New Buildings – Green Star Rating Tools validates the environmental initiatives of the design phase of new building construction or base building refurbishment; or construction and procurement phase of a new building.

Our tools for New Buildings & Major Refurbishments aims to:

  • Encourage the implementation of new and emerging technologies;
  • Reduce the environmental impact of development through direct and indirect initiatives (e.g. it is difficult to quantify the environmental benefit of metering water and energy, but this will clearly enable the building to be better managed during operation.);
  • Encourage a new approach to designing and constructing buildings by rewarding best practice and excellence;
  • Ensure that effective design strategies are implemented without overlay of operational management and user behaviour; and
  • Allow different designs to have their environmental initiatives fairly benchmarked.

Our tools for New Buildings & Major Refurbishments allow for 2 certifications.

  1. Design: Based on tenders drawings & specifications
  2. As Built: Based on as-built drawings and commissioning records

Certification for these tools are 4; 5 and 6 Stars.

  • 4 Stars: “Best Practice”
  • 5 Stars: “South African Excellence”
  • 6 Stars: “World Leadership””

Multiple Building Certifications

Types of multiple building (more than 2) projects are:

  • Multiple offices on one site
  • Multiple buildings on one site of various typologies

Certified Projects

New Buildings Fee Structure

Project Area GFA (Incl. 15% VAT) Member Fees (Incl. 15% VAT) Non Member Fees (Incl. 15% Vat)
<1 500sqm R61800.00 R77550.00
1500sqm - 2 499sqm R83200.00 R115800.00
2 500sqm - 4 999sqm R110150.00 R150600.00
5 000sqm - 9 999sqm R128150.00 R173050.00
10 000sqm - 19 999sqm R164100.00 R211300.00
20 000sqm - 39 999sqm R193300.00 R247200.00
40 000sqm - 69 999sqm R220300.00 R280900.00
>70 000sqm R247200.00 R325850.00

*All fees are valid for 2021 and will automatically increase on 1 January 2022.

Certification Process

Find a Green Star AP

An independent Green Star AP must be appointed by the project developer at market related rates to collate and submit the documents to GBCSA for review and certification. 

Green Star AP are third-party professionals whose fees will be directly negotiated with the project developers and not set by GBCSA.

Register the Project with GBCSA for Green Star Certification

You or your selected Green Star AP will enter the project details into the GBCSA Certification Engine and select green options.

Collate & Submit 1

Project documents are reviewed and submitted by the Green Star AP to the GBCSA.

GBCSA Assessment & Feedback

The GBCSA reviews and provides feedback on project documentation. If the minimum 20% Standard is achieved on all three categories, the GBCSA will issue a preliminary design certificate (that will expire in two years’ time from this date).

Collate & Submit 2

Round 2 allows for  practitioners and building owners to provide more information or make limited amendments to their submission.

Project Green Star Certified

A certificate is issued to each certified project for both preliminary and post construction phases in order to publicly display your hard work!

Custom Rating Tools

We offer custom rating tools that are developed specifically for your building typology.

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