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Green Star Africa

The Green Star rating system is a natural touch point for green building movements and councils in other parts of Africa.

The Green Building Council South Africa works in collaboration with emerging Green Building Councils throughout Africa and allows the adaptation of the Green Star tools for certification in the respective countries. Each country develops a Local Context Report which is then reviewed by both the Green Building Council of South Africa. Once approved, this allows for projects within the specific countries to be certified using a Green Star tool, with some adaptations identified in the Local Context Report.

Projects in Africa can register for Green Star certification where a Green Star Local Context Report has been prepared for that tool in that country and where the approved report is available on the GBCSA website. 

Local Context Reports

Local Context Reports have been developed mostly for new and existing buildings tools for the countries listed in the related downloads section. 

GBCSA works in collaboration with the relevant African Green Building Councils in order to certify buildings in these countries. Certification using these Local Context Reports is via the GBCSA, so the normal registration and certification processes with the GBCSA will apply.

How it works

Projects in Africa (outside of South Africa) can only register for Green Star certification where a Green Star SA Local Context Report has been prepared for that tool in that country and where the approved report is available on the this website. 

Registration Process

Once you have selected the tool and met the criteria you need to register your project via GBCSA Certification Engine. You will need to create a new profile if you do not have an existing one. Your account is valid for a 12 month period from activation to close out / final results.

In order to register the project you will need all the project and client details. A draft pro-forma invoice will then be generated and sent to the client & AP for verification. This is followed up by an official pro-forma invoice.

All further information is then channelled through the certification engine and the assigned GBCSA case manager for your project. 

Once payment has been received and a signed certification agreement been uploaded to the engine, the project is considered fully registered and can be marketed as “aiming to achieve x stars”.

Certification Fees

The GBC project certification fees will be equal to the fees quoted, plus, where relevant, an additional fee paid to the relevant country GBC to cover their operational expenses related to project certification. 

GBCSA member rates for the certification fees can be applied where the local GBC has a formal membership structure and the project owner is a registered member of the local GBC – member rates are only accessible on confirmation from the local GBC to the GBCSA confirming that the project owner is a registered paid-up member of the local GBC. 

The registration and certification process for such projects is via the GBCSA website. 

The GBC certification fees for countries outside of South Africa are as follows: 

• Ghana: GBCSA fee + 20% 

• Kenya: GBCSA fee + 20% 

• Mauritius: GBCSA fee + 20% 

• Namibia: GBCSA fee + 20% 

• Other African countries – as per GBCSA fee 

The relevant additional % is paid directly to the local GBC, and the GBCSA fee is paid directly to the GBCSA. 

The fees due to the GBCSA would exclude 15% VAT for projects outside of South Africa, and the local GBC additional % fee is based on the GBCSA fee excluding VAT. 

Where other African countries are not listed, these fees are yet to be agreed with those countries.

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