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Advocating for a better built environment

Through our member events, training and education programmes as well as our advocacy platforms we lay critical foundations for the green economy.

The GBCSA works in collaboration with its membership community, sponsors and extended network of professionals to inspire a built environment in which people and planet thrive.  We advocate solutions and tools that enable the design, construction and operation of all buildings in an environmentally responsible way. 

Working in the public, private and residential sectors, our vision is for all South Africans to live, work and play in a healthy and efficient urban built environment.

We advocate over these platforms

Planet Shapers

You are all our community of planet shapers, making change happen on the ground. Join a planet s...

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Annual Convention

We are proud of our annual convention - it has become the go to event for everything green build...

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Campaigns & Initiatives

We recognise the built environment’s contribution to climate change,  we realise that thr...

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Where we Operate

We are a passionate collaborative organisation that works across the building, construction and property sector to ensure that buildings and homes are designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable way.

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