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Sustainable Precincts - Green Star Accredited Professional Program (GSAP SUP)

The training program provides a comprehensive and practical overview of the Green Star rating system for Sustainable Precincts for the objective measurement and rating of the environmental performance of precincts and provides insight into all major aspects of environmental sustainability that should be considered in the design and construction and operation of green precincts. 

This program is the formal accreditation pathway required for registration as a recognised Green Star Accredited Professional for Sustainable Precincts (GS AP SUP). 

As a registered GS AP SUP, you will be equipped with the knowledge to guide a project team in the design and certification of a Green Star registered project for a range of precinct types and be recognised as a professional with a greater understanding of environmental issues related to the built environment and property industry.

Objectives of the program are to ensure that all who attend:

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of green buildings and sustainable precincts
  • Understand the Sustainable Precincts rating tool
  • Are able to, if suitably qualified, be recognized as a Green Star Sustainable Precincts Accredited Professional 

Training Programme

GBCSA’s On-Demand eLearning Platform offers a blended learning experience to support skills development, awareness and knowledge sharing.

All of the GBCSA Professional Training is “on demand” – this means that once it is booked for and paid for you can begin:

  • The 1st part of training is online learning which includes video, eBooks, GBCSA certification tool resources as well as useful downloadable resources and references.
  • The 2nd part of the training can only be accessed / booked once the 1st part is completed.  This is a webinar workshop (6 hours).
  • Following both of the above delegates are required to access and complete the final assessment, which is a practical exercise.

Email [email protected] if you require any additional information or support with your training needs.

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