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Interiors - Green Star Rating Tool

Assesses the environmental attributes of any buildings interior fit-outs.

This tool puts the power in the hands of the tenant, allowing each tenancy to have their unique environmental design initiatives fairly and independently benchmarked. The tool rewards high-performance tenant spaces that are healthy, productive places to work; are less costly to operate and maintain; and have a reduced environmental footprint.

This tool also caters for volume certification by pre-certifying data sheets and certain specifications for fit-outs that get rolled out to several branches. 

Building Types Included in this tool.

Our Interiors rating tool has been developed to cater for a broad range of tenancies, including but not limited to office, retail and hospitality fit-outs. 

For a full list of building types considered please see the ‘Eligibility Criteria’ listed in the resources and downloads section.

Certification Fees

Project Area GLA Member Fees (Incl. 15% VAT) Non-member Fees (Incl. 15% Vat)
<500sqm R70740.00 R92130.00
500sqm - 2 499sqm R78300.00 R103580.00
2 500sqm - 4 999sqm R87160.00 R117400.00
>5 000sqm R96020.00 R128740.00

*All fees are valid for 2023 and will automatically increase on 1 January 2024.

For tenants smaller than 250sqm that are not corporate/chain/franchise (i.e. single location) a 25% discount will apply on quoted fee

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Registration Process

Once you have selected the tool and met the criteria you need to register your project via GBCSA Certification Engine. You will need to create a new profile if you do not have an existing one. Your account is valid for a 12 month period from activation to close out / final results.

In order to register the project you will need all the project and client details. A draft pro-forma invoice will then be generated and sent to the client & AP for verification. This is followed up by an official pro-forma invoice.

All further information is then channeled through the certification engine and the assigned GBCSA case manager for your project. 

Once payment has been received and a signed certification agreement been uploaded to the engine, the project is considered fully registered and can be marketed as “aiming to achieve x stars”.

Latest Certified Projects

Tool Sponsors

The development of this tool was proudly jointly sponsored by Standard Bank and St Gobain.

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