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Net Zero

The GBCSA Net Zero/Net Positive can be applied to new construction projects, fit out projects and existing buildings in operation.

Net Zero/Net Positive Certification will award projects which go beyond the partial reductions recognised in the current GBCSA tools, and have taken the initiative to reach the endpoint of completely neutralising or positively redressing their impacts. 

Projects are able to achieve Net Zero/Net Positive Ratings in:

  • Carbon
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Ecology

Net Zero/Net Positive is a methodology that can accelerate the GBCSA’s end goal of complete market transformation and is about inspiring the end goal now.

A building that is highly energy-efficient, and the remaining energy use is from renewable energy,preferably on-site but also off-site where absolutely necessary, so that there are zero net carbon emissions on an annual basis (Net Zero), or if the energy from renewable energy results in more energy being produced than what is used on site (Net Positive).

A building that is designed, constructed and operated to greatly reduce total water consumption, and then use harvested, recycled and reused water such that the amounts of water consumed is the same as the amounts of water that is produced (Net Zero), or if the water recycled/ produced is greater than the water consumed (Net Positive)

A building that reduces, reuses,and recovers its waste streams to convert them to valuable resources with zero solid waste sent to landfills over the course of the year (Net Zero), or where the building can take waste from other sites and divert it for reuse, and not to landfill (Net Positive). (Applicable to both construction and buildings in operation).

A building that does not reduce the ecological value of the site during development for Greenfield sites (Net Zero), and increases the ecological value of the site for brownfield sites, greenfield sites and/or existing developments (Net Positive).

Certification Fees

Project Area GLA Member Fees (Incl. 15% VAT) Non-member Fees (Incl. 15% Vat)
Net Zero Modelled R33680.00 R40940.00
Net Zero - Measured R17500.00 R20830.00

*All fees are valid for 2024 and will automatically increase on 1 January 2025.


Fee for precincts or portfolios = Fee above x No of buildings x % (as per below)

Fee Saving Percentage
2-4 buildings – 85%
5-10 buildings – 70%
11-20 buildings – 55%
21-30 buildings – 40%
31-50 buildings – 25%
51 buildings and more – 15%

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