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The GBCSA provides an education platform for built environment professionals focusing on green building and the Green Star and Net Zero rating tools

Professional development is available through programs, workshops, online courses and online exams.

We use ‘blended’ learning as our model to facilitate dynamic education that combines the physical and virtual classroom, allowing students to learn as individuals online in their own time and apply their learning to scenario based problems when coming together with their peers.

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AP Tiering

The GBCSA has implemented a system where Accredited Professionals are arranged in three tiers dependent on qualification, experience and level of engagement in the industry. These are the Accredited Professional candidate, the Accredited Professional and Accredited Professional Practitioner.

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Work as a GBCSA Accredited Professional

There is no doubt, the green building sector is maturing. In the years prior to 2016 the Green Building in South Africa: Guide to Costs and Trends Report found the cost of building green, over and above the convention cost of construction, averaged 5.0%.

Accredited Professional Programs

If you are new in the field, or an experienced expert, the GBCSA accredited programs offer development opportunities through a range of specialised courses and formal accreditation which enable registration as an Accredited Professional.

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Workshops are ideal for those involved in the ongoing operations of existing buildings but new to sustainability or who just want to improve their understanding of the business benefits of GBCSA rating tools. They are one of the three requirements for accreditation.

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Step one to a lighter 2020: Reward your team with training

It’s bonus season, or is it? 2019 has been another tough year for many organisations and their teams. Find out more how you can make the case for a bonus through professional development, a move that would benefit both the organisation and team members. 2020 can be the year the tough get going.

Online courses

Course material for set rating tools are available on demand. The material is often paired with Accredited Professional programs and participants are able to familiarise themselves with the course material online.

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Incentives to build green in South Africa

Have you heard the joke, what did South Africa use before candles? Electricity. The South African treasury, and various municipalities have put several measures in place to encourage investment in green building and green building technologies – including solar energy.

Online exams

The exam each GBCSA AP is required to pass seeks to test an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the use and application of the rating tool in question. It is an online, open book exam requiring answers to a variety of question formats.

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Businesses benefit by aligning themselves with green building movement

If your company touches on the built environment sector then taking advantage of continuing professional development with the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) is to be seriously considered.

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