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EDGE Expert Online

About the Course

A new green building certification program is making a positive impact in its pursuit to help the residential property market design and build resource-efficient buildings using the EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiency) rating tool. It is recommended that residential projects targeting EDGE certification are required to appoint an independent EDGE Expert to guide the development team from inception to execution and occupation and have an important role to play in EDGE certification and resource efficient homes.

The training is delivered in an online format, incorporating introductions to the benefits of resource efficient homes as related to built environment professionals, developers and financiers, suppliers and homeowners.

More About the Course

The training gives access to an internationally recognized accreditation by the International Finance Corporation. The EDGE Expert course is to be divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction to Green Buildings and GBCSA 
  • EDGE certification process
  • How to become an EDGE Expert
  • EDGE software
  • EDGE Measures (Energy, Water, Materials)
  • EDGE project exercise

The online course is accessible anywhere with a reasonably good internet connection. Course material can be accessed with a computer, tablet or even a smart phone. During your 2 week period, you can:

  • Access the material at any time of day
  • Spend as little as 8 to 10 hours going through the material at your own pace
  • Read course material
  • Download everything to keep
  • Access all technical manuals and other supporting documents
  • Ask for technical support anytime during working hours
  • Complete quizzes to test your understanding

Course Format

In order to qualify to write the IFC’s EDGE Expert exam through Prometric and become a recognised EDGE Expert, you will need to “complete” the EDGE Expert online course OR attend the EDGE Expert workshop before writing and passing the exam. “Completion” of the online course means that you have opened all the documents, watched the videos and finally, very importantly completed all the quizzes and activities. We are able to track all your activity through our learning management system so no cheating!

Module 1: Introduction to GBCSA and EDGE

Here we will set the scene exploring why there is a need to change how buildings designed, built and operated, define what is meant by the term “green building”, look at certification as strategy to achieve better, greener buildings and then locate EDGE into this context.


  • Understand the structure and purpose of the online course.
  • Recognise the GBCSA’s purpose, vision and mission.
  • Define green buildings.
  • Identify the need for green buildings on a national and international level. 
  • Recognise the value of certification.
  • Understand the background and purpose of EDGE.

Module 2: EDGE: The Vision

In this module, we will look at what we mean by certification, voluntary standards and rating tools and locate the EDGE standard within this landscape. IFCs vision for EDGE globally will be explained and the use case for the tool presented. An understanding at a high level of the scope of the tool, its structure and basic processes will be gained.


  • Define EDGE.
  • Understand the EDGE vision.
  • Identify the use case and benefits of EDGE.
  • Recognise how EDGE sets green building standards.
  • Understand an overview of the EDGE certification process.
  • Identify the scope of EDGE certification models.

Module 3: Defining Green Design

Here we will learn what is meant by green building, unpacking its characteristics and then dive into the three impact areas that are addressed by the EDGE tool.


  • Define green building design.
  • Recall the basic characteristics of green building design.
  • Identify the impact of energy efficiency in green design.
  • Identify the impact of water efficiency in green design.
  • Identify and describe each of the low embodied energy materials and compare their efficiency.

Module 4: EDGE Certification Methodologies, Resources and Expert Process

Here we dive into more technical details regarding how the tool works, how to seek support and your roles and responsibilities as an EDGE Expert.


  • Explain how EDGE does calculations
  • Explain how EDGE creates base case buildings
  • Understand how users should utilise the EDGE software for support
  • Know how to access user guides for further support
  • Describe the prequalification necessary for becoming an EDGE expert
  • Describe how to maintain the EDGE Expert qualification
  • Identify and use a range of available resources to aid in developing yourself as an EDGE expert
  • Link the procedure of becoming an EDGE expert to the opportunity to become an EDGE auditor

Module 5: The EDGE Certification Process

This module explains the EDGE certification process and the roles of various players throughout. It also unpacks the various documentation requirements for the submission.


  • Recall the aim and process of EDGE certification.
  • Recognise each stage of the certification process.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities involved throughout the process.
  • Stipulate the payment procedures for EDGE certification.
  • Describe all documentation and submission procedures for EDGE certification.
  • Understanding the role of the auditor in the certification process.

Module 6: EDGE Green Measures

We look at the measures that can be included in your building design to improve its performance and contribute towards an EDGE certification. You will also have the opportunity to test your understanding of how the software works through a practical case study.


  • Identify how EDGE captures design elements in measures.
  • Understand how demand is reduced by passive elements.
  • Recognise how to reduce energy usage by systems.
  • Identify when to reduce demand by supplying renewables.
  • Identify key water efficiency measures.
  • Understand how to lower embodied energy through the efficient use of materials.
  • Use the EDGE user guide to compare options and make recommendations

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