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GBCSA Insights Training Workshop

Join us for an interactive workshop focused on providing you with all you need to know about Energy Performance Certificates. To boost energy efficiency in South Africa, non-residential buildings will be required to track and display their energy consumption with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) by December 2022.

The EPC process can be broken into two main steps – the collection of energy data in preparation for the EPC (which will need to be done by building owners and facilities managers or the professionals they contract to do this) and the auditing of the energy data by a SANAS accredited Inspection Body. Certificates will be submitted to SANEDI and will be issued by the SANAS accredited inspection bodies.


Public and private sector building owners and facilities managers who will be required to collect the information to be submitted timeously for auditing AND people and organizations wishing to become certified SANAS Accredited Inspection Bodies. The ‘EPCs – Know Your Business’ workshop is the first of two workshops that will set you on this path.

GBCSA Insights: EPC Grow your business

GBCSA Insights: EPC Know your business

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