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Green Star - Existing Building Performance

Assessing the environmental performance of any existing building in operation.

The Existing Building Performance (EBP) Tool covers the same environmental categories addressed in the Green Star new building tools but the focus is on making the operations and management of the building efficient in order to maintain optimal performance.

This tool is designed for optimising the operations and performance of any existing building and is therefore only available as an as-built rating. The rating is valid for a period of 3 years in order to ensure the building is continually well operated and maintained. The ratings given for this tool are from 1 to 6 stars. 

Items such as energy and water monitoring, management policies and plans are required in order to achieve the rating. The tool also addresses the relationship between landlord and tenants, setting up a win-win situation with the green lease toolkit.

Building Types Included in this tool

This tool caters for a broad range of commercial buildings including office buildings, retail buildings, public assembly buildings.

This tool also rewards a journey to World Leadership and recognises all 1-6 star ratings.  

  • 1 Star – “On the journey to a better, greener building”
  • 2 Star – “On the journey to a better, greener building”
  • 3 Star – “Good Practice”
  • 4 Star – “Best Practice”
  • 5 Star – “South African Excellence”
  • 6 Star – “World Leadership”

For a full list of building types considered please see the ‘Eligibility Criteria’ in the resources and downloads section.

Existing Building Custom – Major Tenant

Existing Building Custom - Major Tenant

This custom version of the existing building tool is for tenants in an existing building that is...

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Existing Building Performance v1 Certification Fees

Project Area GFA (Incl. 15% VAT) Member Fees (Incl. 15% VAT) Non Member Fees (Incl. 15% Vat)
<4 999sqm R56000.00 R73000.00
5 000sqm - 19 999sqm R62000.00 R82000.00
20 000sqm - 69 999sqm R69000.00 R93000.00
>70 000sqm R76000.00 R102000.00

Registration Process

Once you have selected the tool and met the criteria you need to register your project via GBCSA Certification Engine. You will need to create a new profile if you do not have an existing one. Your account is valid for a 12 month period from activation to close out / final results.

In order to register the project you will need all the project and client details. A draft pro-forma invoice will then be generated and sent to the client & AP for verification. This is followed up by an official pro-forma invoice.

All further information is then channeled through the certification engine and the assigned GBCSA case manager for your project. 

Once payment has been received and a signed certification agreement been uploaded to the engine, the project is considered fully registered and can be marketed as “aiming to achieve x stars”.

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Energy & Water Performance

A key component of the energy & water categories of the Existing Building Performance Tool is the our Energy Water Performance (EWP) indicator.

Currently available for Office buildings, this free tool allows you to compare the energy and water performance of your building against industry benchmarks. It allows existing building owners and/or portfolio managers to easily benchmark their properties in terms of energy & water performance, informing key investment decisions. 

The EWP is 40% to the Existing Building Performance Certification but is available as a separate certification of energy and water performance

Tool Sponsor

The development of this tool was proudly sponsored by Nedbank Corporate Property.

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