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A simple, user-friendly online Green Building Rating software platform.

The EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) software is free and offers a measurable way to cut back on the resource intensity of your building. The online platform quickly allows you to determine the financial viability of including green aspects on your projects. It aims to make green building available for all.

The EDGE standard sets a minimum of 20% reduction across the following categories:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Water Consumption
  • Embodied Energy

For EDGE to accurately calculate your buildings inputs and outputs it uses locally adjusted data across the following sets:

  • Utility Costs
  • Climate Data
  • Building Regulations

How does EDGE work?

The GBCSA has partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to facilitate certification using the EDGE tool in Africa. Simply register to use the EDGE online software for free here. The EDGE rating system can be applied to projects across the Hospitality; Healthcare; Education; Offices; Retail and Residential sectors.

Enter basic project information online and the application will reveal how committing to a few practical energy and water saving options improves building performance at little or no cost. EDGE will help you determine, at a concept level, the financial viability of a project’s green building initiatives early in the design stage.

Should you wish to proceed to getting your project EDGE certified, which can unlock financing opportunities and authenticates your greening efforts, the certification process can get started.

It is recommended that projects targeting EDGE certification appoint an independent EDGE Expert to guide the development team from inception to execution and occupation and have an important role to play in EDGE certification and resource efficient projects. The EDGE Auditor reviews project documentation, verifies compliance with EDGE requirements, provides a rigorous check (audit) of the project submission, and recommends the project for assessment to the GBCSA.

The GBCSA offers high levels of service and technical support when it comes to getting your projects certified.

The GBCSA also offers training programmes to help you qualify as an EDGE practitioner. Part of the registration process requires that an independent EDGE Auditor is appointed and contracted to compile all the necessary documentation for submission to the GBCSA.

EDGE certificates are then issued to projects which successfully demonstrate they have met or exceeded the EDGE Standard at the Design and Construction stages of the project.

Certification fees

EDGE for Hospitality; Healthcare; Education; Offices; and Retail.

For more information and fees for EDGE Residential, click here.

Project Area GLA Base Member Fees (Incl. 15% VAT) Post Construction Member Fees (Incl. 15% VAT) Base Non-member Fees (Incl. 15% Vat) Post Construction Non-member Fees (Incl. 15% Vat)
1-1500 m² R22000.00 R41700.00 R27500.00 R52000.00
1501 - 4000 m² R40000.00 R41700.00 R50000.00 R52000.00
4001 - 8000 m² R46000.00 R41700.00 R57500.00 R52000.00
8 001 - 12 000 m² R53000.00 R41700.00 R66250.00 R52000.00
12 001 - 20 000 m² R64000.00 R41700.00 R80000.00 R52000.00
20 000 - 30 000 m² R75000.00 R41700.00 R93750.00 R52000.00
30 001 - 40 000 m² R80000.00 R41700.00 R100000.00 R52000.00
40 001 - 50 000 m² R90000.00 R41700.00 R112500.00 R52000.00
50 001 > R100000.00 R41700.00 R125000.00 R52000.00

Terms & Conditions – EDGE certification fees (from 1 September 2021)

1. The GBCSA EDGE certification fees are based on a sliding scale that relates to the project Gross Floor Area (GFA, excluding parking or basements). GBCSA Members receive a discount of approximately 20 -25% on the fees compared to non-GBCSA members

2: These fees will be applicable from 1 September 2021, and apply to all projects that complete registration after this date (i.e. sign a certification agreement and pay certification fees)

3: The full certification fees comprise two parts, namely the ‘1. Base fee & prelim certification fee’ and ‘2. 

Post construction fee per submission’

4: Projects that plan to submit only one post construction submission to GBCSA only pay the post

construction fee once, but projects that submit their post construction submissions in phases will pay the ‘2.

Post construction fee per submission’ every time the project submits a phased post construction EDGE submission. For all projects the ‘1. Base fee & prelim certification fee’ applies.

5. These fees are available to projects with that meet all IFC requirements as per the EDGE User Guide.

6: In terms of payment process, there are two options:

Option 1: ‘1. base fee & prelim certification fee’ and ‘2. Post construction fee’ can be paid at once at registration or

Option 2: Paid in stages:  on registration, pay the ‘1. Base fee & prelim certification’ and then prior to the post construction submission pay the ‘2. Post construction submission fee’

Note: In both cases option 1 or option 2; GBCSA will not be able to process a project submission for review until a project has paid the respective registration fee for that stage (prelim or post construction). Two Proforma Invoices will always be issued from the GBCSA accounts department to projects on registration for ‘1. Base fee & prelim certification fee’ and ‘2. Post construction fee per submission’ regardless of whether the project will pay in stages. GBCSA will keep a record of which stages have been paid for and which not on a project, and only process those that have paid.

7. GBCSA Fees are reviewed and increased annually, which will include an inflation related increase and any other increases where GBCSA costs have changed.

8. Projects that register in one year, but only submit in future years may be subject to fee increases and will be required to pay current fees where the submission occurs more than 2 years after the original registration.

9. These GBCSA certification fees do not include EDGE Auditor fees (and do not include EDGE Expert fees where these apply) – these are priced, appointed and paid by the client directly to these individuals.

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