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Credible and objective measurement for green buildings in South Africa & Africa

Our suite of rating systems offer tools for almost any type of building. Certification creates a universal platform for credible and objective measurement of green buildings. Each tool recognises and rewards environmental leadership and is a recognised symbol of sustainability achievement.

The rating systems and tools create a common language and standard of measurement for green buildings, promoting integrated, whole-building design.

There is a rating tool for most projects, from precincts to homes to existing buildings and interior fit outs and more. 

Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) is excited to announce that we now offer certification at a reduced fee to a limited number of non-profit organisations, the criteria is as follows:

  • This offer is made available to projects at the sole discretion of the GBCSA.
  • It is intended for buildings/fit-outs that are developed or operated by non-profits, where the project has quantifiable benefits to the public. 
  • It is intended for use by non-profit organisations where 75% or less of their funding originates from a single external entity.
  • The rate will be influenced by whether or not the organisation holds GBCSA membership as member and non-member rates will be used to calculate the reduced fee.
  • This offer is applicable to five certifications per year.
  • The GBCSA cannot reduce the fee to be less than the costs incurred on the project.
  • The GBCSA is given permission to develop marketing and communication campaigns to assist in meeting CSI and PR goals related to the project.
  • Subject to the agreement of the non-profit organisation, the GBCSA is given permission to use the project site as a function venue at no cost.


This is another effort by the GBCSA’s to contribute to a more equitable South Africa where the benefits of green buildings are experienced by all members of society

Certification Systems.

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Why use a rating tool?

Recognised stamp of approval

Agreed standards and independent benchmarks for green building allow investors to objectively assess just how “green” a building and portfolio is.

Establish a common language

Using one rating tool to certify green buildings allows for the establishment of a universal language and standard of measurement.

Promote Integrated, whole-building design

Through addressing all of the sustainability aspects via each category and credit the use of a rating tool ensures an integrated approach to building design.

Recognise Leadership

The benchmark is set using local building standards and regulations as a base off which to improve from. Building owners, professionals and property managers are recognised for their environmental leadership and commitment to sustainability through actually certifying their green buildings.

Reduce Impact

With the current state of the planet and our degrading natural and built environment it is the responsibility of everyone in the building, property and design professions to actively reduce and mitigate against our negative impact on the planet.

How we certify buildings

Independent third party verification system.

The GBCSA has invested and researched the development of each rating tool using market research and local context reports for each tool. Each tool is released in pilot form before becoming available as version one.

The certification process of each building is managed internally by a case manager and externally by the appointed assessors and/or moderators. Each certification is subject to these independent third party individuals who provide transparent feedback to the case manager and project team/accredited professional.

The certification period varies depending on the tool type (Green Star / EDGE / EWP etc) you are using. 

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