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Our constructed surroundings play a critical role in the worldwide battle against climate change, accounting for 38% of all carbon emissions, both in terms of construction and ongoing operations. These environments shape our living, learning, working, and recreational spaces, significantly affecting individual and community health, quality of life, and well-being. Thus, while the built environment poses significant challenges in the context of the climate emergency, it also offers substantial opportunities for intervention and positive change.

Every year, the Green Building Convention’s mission is to step up – marking our green building journey in Africa with purpose and impact. Our 2024 theme, Zero+: Net Zero Today, Climate Positive Tomorrow, reflects our commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. More importantly, it emphasises the need for our built environment to have a positive, regenerative impact that extends beyond meeting these targets. It’s a call for us to go the extra mile, to be proactive, and to transform our built environment into a force for good in the battle against climate change.

While net zero by 2050 and emissions reductions by 2030 are clear goals, we must transition from doing “less bad” to actively “doing more good”. The Zero+ Convention aims to explore, define, and drive the concept of climate positivity as the ultimate goal for the built environment.

Beyond 2050, we must actively remove more greenhouse gasses than we release. The convention will explore strategies, technologies, and initiatives leading us toward this ambitious objective. By engaging with thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators, this Convention will chart the course for a sustainable, regenerative, and climate-positive future.

I invite you to join us on this journey to Zero+ with the 17th Green Building Convention as a critical marker in our collaborative efforts to transform the built environment to be sustainable, climate-resistant and regenerative.

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