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There is a growing consensus among experts in the built environment that there is a “regeneration gap” in building and that we urgently need to expand our thinking on sustainability to thinking regeneratively when we look to the future of green building.

The Covid-19 pandemic showed us just how destructive we are to the planet as nature reclaimed exploited, overpopulated and polluted spaces when the world went into lockdown. It reminded us that we don’t need to look further than nature to find solutions to the threat of climate change and to mitigate the human impact on the planet.

With buildings and their construction together accounting for 36% of global energy use and 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions (UNEP), the built environment has a responsibility and the opportunity to shift to building holistic, data-driven, and renewal-focused spaces and places.

That is why our theme for the 15th Green Building Convention –  The RE-Generation – is aimed at ‘shifting years’ and focused on the regeneration we need in the built environment in this decade of accelerated climate action. It is about building a RE-Generation of people that move beyond sustainability to building regeneratively towards transforming the built environment for people and planet to thrive.

Join the RE-Generation movement from 2 – 4 November 2022 at Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town or Virtually.

Highlights from 2021 Convention

Official GBCSA statement with regards to COVID-19

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