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Campaigns & Initiatives

Advocating for a better built environment

We recognise the built environment’s contribution to climate change,  we realise that through strategic partnerships, we are able to tackle sustainability on a much broader scale. While our core business remains the greening of the commercial property sector, we are committed to engaging in sustainability on a social and environmental level.

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Our Campaigns & Initiatives

Smart Home

11 Dec 2019

Money is tight and many South Africans find themselves struggling to make it to pay day.

Cato Manor

Cato Manor – Green Street

15 Nov 2017

South Africa’s first ‘Green Street’ upgrade in a low-income area was completed ahead of time.


03 Aug 2017

A home that will ensure us a thriving future. We want to inspire you to imagine a new green home.

My Green Home

03 July 2017

‘My Green Home’ told the story of how one South African family changed their home in order to go green.

Public Sector Green Building Training Programme

21 Dec 2019

The training programme will develop the capacity of government officials.


31 Jan 2020

The Greenovate Awards, brought to you by GBCSA and Growthpoint Properties.

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