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Join the green building movement and enjoy a host of benefits including increased profile, discounts, high-level networking and the knowledge that you are playing your part in changing the way South Africa is built.

As a member of the Green Building Council SA, your company will play a critical role in transforming the South African built environment. You will become part of our network of industry leaders and pioneers, collectively championing the green building cause and accelerating the development and adoption of best practices. 

We currently offer membership for organisations / companies and will be launching membership for individuals soon.

We offer memberships only for organisations and companies

Membership for Companies

Becoming an organisational or corporate member demonstrates your sustainability credentials to c...

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Membership benefits

We offer a range of benefits for our member community.

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Our comprehensive membership directory is a great place to find and get in touch with our members.

Make the most of your membership

Take five minutes to follow us on social media sites or sign-up for our newsletter. You’ll get the latest news, innovations and trends from the local and global green building movement. 

The strength of our membership lies in the fact it has representatives from all areas of the property, construction, product and services industry. Build the strength of your benefit by participating in our events.

Our training courses are offered both online and face to face and offer insight into our rating tools as well as broader sustainability and green building issues.


Woolworths Palmyra Store Receives SA's First 5-Star Retail Tenant Rating

27 January 2017
This is not just about doing the right thing, although that is, of course vital in the face of our local and global environmental challenges. It also makes good business sense to be investing in renewable energy, water harvesting and using innovative energy and water saving practices.
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