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SAPOA Property Publication of the Year 2019

Green buildings have the unique potential to positively restore, regenerate, improve, revitalise, include, densify, enhance, advance and empower occupants, communities and the environment. We have a duty to maximise these impacts.

It is time to go beyond merely minimising detrimental impacts. Every investment we make, every product we produce, and every building we design, construct and operate should make a positive impact.

+Impact magazine, the official GBCSA publication, presents insight into the entire green building value chain: highlighting the positive impact that sustainable buildings have on urban precincts, society and on the economy.

Editorial celebrates the innovative approaches adopted in Green Star Africa certified projects, revealing the invaluable work of GBCSA members. Going beyond projects, the content seeks to share international thought leadership, ingenious design and cutting-edge technologies that define the world’s most sustainable buildings.

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Calling all Thought Leaders *

Positive Impact, the official publication of the GBCSA, presents thought leadership from local and international green building commentators and practitioners, and showcases the excellent work of GBCSA members.

Are you a thought leader in your relevant field? GBCSA members are invited to submit stories about projects, design concepts, materials, research, and anything else that promotes a healthy sustainable built environment. Submit a 200-word description of your content idea with 1-2 images.

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