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As leaders in green building certification, dynamic and dedicated individuals are encouraged to connect with us

Our team of industry experts work across a variety of sectors to deliver our mission. Our head office is based in Cape Town and we have a dedicated team of remote workers; please keep an eye on our website and our member newsletters for opportunities to join the team.

Business Development/Key Accounts Specialist

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) is looking for a Business Development / Key Accounts Specialist to play a significant role in enabling growth in respect of all the products of the organisation across the Commercial/Residential and Public Sectors of the Built Environment. This role will also be responsible for identifying opportunities to develop and maintain effective stakeholder relationships.

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Head of Education and Training

The Head of Education and Training will be responsible for the delivery of an innovative and exciting programme of educational offerings to our members and the wider society, and for the business case and financial success of the function.

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Request for Proposal | Research Service Provider | GBCSA and Divercity Research Collaboration

As announced at the 12th Annual Green Building Convention in October, GBCSA and Divercity have initiated a long-term research partnership to further information and knowledge within the built environment sector to aid decision makers in developing more sustainable cities in South Africa.

The way in which cities develop in the future will have a significant impact on the integrity of urban ecosystems and global efforts in climate change mitigation and adaptation. The IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C of Global Warming recognises cities as a critical global system to “accelerate and upscale climate action.” and delivering a 1.5°C future.

The first GBCSA and Divercity research report aims to quantitatively evaluate the impacts of development location within the urban form on carbon emissions in Johannesburg.

Through the request for proposal (RFP), GBCSA and Divercity seek to contract a qualified, reputable and experienced research organisation to undertake the study as outlined in the RFP.

If you are interested in this opportunity kindly access the full RFP here. Within the RPF you will find all the information, instructions and timelines necessary to submit a proposal.

For additional information please contact Alexandra Clayton (Project Manager) at Alexandra.Clayton@gbcsa.org.za

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