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Membership for Individuals

Become a GBCSA ONE Member and join our network of green building leaders

The Green Building Council South Africa is now welcoming individuals to join as members. Known as ONE Members, you will join a network of people and organisations working together as one to inspire a built environment in which people and planet thrive.

At the GBCSA we share knowledge, raise awareness and connect and inspire people. We certify buildings, we offer training, and we advocate tirelessly for better buildings and a better built environment. We recognise that every ONE makes an impact and has a contribution to make to the whole. Joining the Green Building Council shows your commitment to sustainability and to working together to transform South Africa’s built environment.

Become a GBCSA ONE Member and join the community.

ONE Member benefits

GBCSA ONE Members enjoy a host of benefits such as discounts on training, access to events for networking and various knowledge sharing events and resources.

  • Preferential pricing for all GBCSA training and education courses
  • Unlimited access to all webinars and online events showcasing new innovations and research
  • Access to two in-person Planet Shaper events such as building tours of Green Star or EDGE certified buildings
  • Discounts for the annual Green Building Convention
  • Use of the GBCSA ONE member logo on all personal communications – blog, personal emails, etc. (This can be downloaded from your Hub profile)
  • Receive our monthly member newsletter and engage with the community on social media
  • Receive the +Impact Magazine
  • Access to research documents and case studies
  • Opportunity to join the GBCSA Circular Economy Special Interest Group


Purchase ONE Membership

Membership fees are paid annually and the cost of membership (including VAT) for 2024 is R1 780.00

Click below to follow and complete the purchase flow. Once completed, you will receive an email with a pro-forma invoice. Once your membership fees have been paid, your membership is automatically activated and you can start to reap the benefits of your membership.

*Fees are valid for 2024 and will automatically increase on 1 January 2025. At the end of 2024, your membership will expire, and you will be invoiced for the following year. 

If you would like to cancel your membership we require a written cancellation.

Sole proprietors need to join the GBCSA as organisational members for the company to partake in membership benefits and receive a certificate of membership.


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