GBCSA / Multi-Unit Residential V1

The Green Star Multi Unit Residential v1

For rating the environmental attributes of new and major refurbishments to Multi Unit Residential projects.

A multi unit residential project is defined as a development with 3 or more dwelling units, common property, shared services and infrastructure among dwellings and an applicable management entity such as a body corporate, home owners association or management operator. 

Two certifications are awarded through this tool:

• Green Star – Multi Unit Residential Design at the end of the design phase.
• Green Star – Multi Unit Residential As Built following construction completion.

Development types included in the Multi Unit Residential Tool:

For a full list of building types considered, please see the ‘Eligibility Criteria’.

• Apartment buildings
• Blocks of flats.
• Townhouses.
• Detached or semi-attached single access housing developments of 3 or more dwellings – gated communities, retirement villages, golf estates.
• Self-catering student accommodation and multi-family buildings which include communal kitchen/living/ablution facilities to a maximum of 9 bedrooms per kitchen/living facility.

Development types not included:

• Freehold single detached or semi-detached dwelling units with no common property or governance schemes.
• Hotels and motels.
• Nursing homes.
• Boarding houses.
• Fully catered dormitories or fully catered student accommodation.

Occupant or owner dwelling fit outs are not rated under this tool.

What is the difference between Green Star MURT and EDGE – Residential?

Edge is a much lighter, entry level certification scheme that addresses energy, water & materials whereas Green Star MURT tool is much more in depth certification scheme that addresses all 9 categories of Green Star tools.

Both are developed for multi-unit residential developments.

Certification Fees

Project Area GFA Member Fees (Incl. 15% VAT) Non-member Fees (Incl. 15% Vat)
<1 500sqm R69450.00 R87160.00
1500sqm - 2 499sqm R93420.00 R130040.00
2 500sqm - 4 999sqm R123770.00 R169130.00
5 000sqm - 9 999sqm R143970.00 R194400.00
10 000sqm - 19 999sqm R184360.00 R237390.00
20 000sqm - 39 999sqm R217080.00 R277670.00
40 000sqm - 69 999sqm R247430.00 R315470.00
>70 000sqm R277670.00 R366020.00

Registration Process

Once you have selected the tool and met the criteria you need to register your project via GBCSA Certification Engine. You will need to create a new profile if you do not have an existing one. Your account is valid for a 12 month period from activation to close out / final results.

In order to register the project you will need all the project and client details. A draft pro-forma invoice will then be generated and sent to the client & AP for verification. This is followed up by an official pro-forma invoice.

All further information is then channeled through the certification engine and the assigned GBCSA case manager for your project. 

Once payment has been received and a signed certification agreement been uploaded to the engine, the project is considered fully registered and can be marketed as “aiming to achieve x stars”.

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