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GBCSA CEO Dorah Modise: Going further together

Transforming any sector that is conservative, cautious and set in its ways is a difficult task. This Women’s Month, Dorah Modise speaks about her experience as a black woman leader as she works to create new and strengthen existing partnerships to catalyze a greener building sector in South Africa. Two […]

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The GBCSA Hall of Fame : Andrew King

Andrew King, is a Technical Intern at the Green Building Council South Africa. His primary role is to assist the technical team to develop credible and objective measurements for green buildings as well as review certification applications and award Green Star ratings. In parallel to this Andrew is currently completing his […]

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The GBCSA Hall of Fame : Hlompho Vivian

Hlompho Vivian, currently holds a Business Development and Key Accounts Specialist position within the Green Building Council South Africa. Her role is to facilitate cooperation with the public sector to create an enabling environment for green building implementation through certification, capacity development and advocacy. Before joining the GBCSA in late […]

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