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October 09, 2019

Robust debate on buildings is an important part of advocating for buildings and cities where people and planet can thrive. At GBCSA we know this because advocacy is one of our core activities. Constructive input on our rating tools and certification systems can assist GBCSA in raising awareness regarding the need for sustainable built environments in the context of the urgent need to address climate change impacts. Contributors to the discussion on the 5 Star Green Star certified project 114 Oxford Rd have correctly pointed out that trees, pavements, water and many other elements can contribute towards the making of more sustainable cities, neighbourhoods and places. Many of these initiatives are recognised through GBCSA’s rating tools which have a wide range of applications including interior fit-outs, new buildings, existing buildings and precincts.

Some information we would like to share in the debate on 144 Oxford Rd:

This project has achieved a 5 Star Green Star design rating which is equivalent to ‘South African Excellence’. The Certification process used by GBCSA includes the assessment of project documentation which is submitted to an independent group of assessors and verified by GBCSA. This robust process meets the standards set by the World Green Building Council of which GBCSA is a member. Some of the green building innovations implemented on this project include:

A 194 kWh / annum rooftop solar PV installation which resulting in projected savings of 232800kg CO2 saving per year

Rainwater harvesting from the roof and podium areas directing water to a 200 cubic meter tank which is used for toilets and irrigation. Combined with comprehensive water-efficiency measures on all water fittings as well as recycling of water used for testing the fire system water consumption is significantly reduced. Given the current water utility tariffs this represents a future-proofing strategy for sustainable building operations and not a short term commercial decision. All plants used in the landscaped areas are indigenous and require minimal water from the water-efficient drip irrigation system.

The client deliberately selected a site close to the Rosebank transport node (Gautrain, minibus taxi, Metro bus) and the wide range of nearby amenities in the knowledge that this would impact positively on tenant and commuter and experiences. An upgrade to the sidewalk immediately adjacent to the site was motivated by the client to the City Council and has been implemented. The number of parking bays is limited to the regulatory minimum thus acknowledging the role of transport infrastructure in the building design.

Every certified project uses a different strategy to achieve a rating and 144 Oxford Rd uses a range of green initiatives to achieve a South African Excellence standard. For any additional information or queries please contact us at:

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