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New Buildings (NB) - Green Star Online Course

About the Course

This course is presented online and accessible anywhere as a scheduled event where students have access to the course material for 2 week period as selected by the participant. Support, both from technical and subject matter perspective is offered to each individual throughout the period. 

This course covers background, theory, structure and workings of the new building rating tools and the basics of the certification process

The course material will be accessible from your personal GBCSA dashboard. It is up to you to decide whether you would like to review the material and move through the course incrementally spending about 40 – 45 minutes per day or setting aside a full 8 to 10 hours to move through it all at once.

Course Format

GSAP NB online course is a 13 module online program using the latest technology-assisted learningmethodologies and provides real practical and applicable understanding of the detail of the ratingtool by combining reading material, video content, practice quizzes and a live forum for engagementwith a facilitator. The course is facilitated by a local industry expert with experience in thedevelopment and / or application of the Green Star rating system. Along with course contentmaterial, attendees are provided with digital copies of the relevant tool manual and tools.

Module 1:

The Big picture – Understanding the importance of Green Building & the role of the GBCSA

Module 2:

The Green Star rating system – History, development & relationship to legislation. Understanding the environmental weighting, core credits and eligibility criteria

Module 3:

Management Category – addresses the way a building site and completed building is designed for ease of good management, waste management, building commissioning as well as the development of building user guides

Module 4:

Indoor Environmental Quality- assess the wellbeing and comfort of building occupants by addressing thermal comfort, pollutants, natural daylight and ventilation

Module 5:

Energy- aims to reduce a buildings energy consumption, increase it efficiency and encourage the generation of power from alternative sources

Module 6:

Transport- aims to disincentivise motor vehicles use for single persons by encouraging use of public and alternative transport.

Module 7:

Water- aims to target reduced use of potable water by encouraging specification of low flow items and the recycling of grey and black water

Module 8:

Materials- Aims to reduce the use of virgin material and encourage the use of materials from a sustainable sources

Module 9:

Land use & ecology – rewards initiatives that aim to increase and protect our natural biodiversity

Module 10:

Emissions – rewards buildings that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and resulting impact on the environment.

Module 11:

Innovation – recognises, rewards and encourages innovative inanities incorporated into building projects.

Module 12:

Socio-economic – Moving beyond green to address aspects of social and economic importance by addressing skills transfer, employment creation and community benefits

Module 13:

Certifications & Submissions – Understanding what data and information need to be gathered for a submission and how the certification process works.

CPD Accreditation

SACAP Members

CPD SAIA 19-10/1

Workshop – 1.5 Points

Online Course – 1.5 Points

Online Exam – 0.5 PointsFF

SAFMA Members

Workshop – 1.5 Points

Online Course – 1.5 Points

Online Exam – 1.5 Points

ECSA Members


Full Program 1 point

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