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Accredited Professional Programmes

Our Accredited Professional qualification is fast becoming an industry standard for green building & sustainability practitioners.

Our Accredited Professional programmes are focused on training the individual on the selected rating tool.  Choose the tool or stream you are most likely to work with and join us on this multi-part blended learning programme to becoming a GBCSA recognised professional. 

This training equips people from a professional background with the expertise required to lead a project team through a certification application and process. champion a  built environment in which people and planet thrive.  

We use both online and face to face training channels with an online exam to test your knowledge and ability. 

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This 3-part programme provides an overview and understanding of the Green Star Existing Building Performance rating tool. We cover the credits of this tool that is designed for rating the performance of any type of existing building. 

This 3-part programme provides an overview and understanding of all 4 of the Green Star rating tools for new buildings and major refurbishments. These design and as-built tools allow for the objective measurement and rating of the environmental performance of the design and construction of projects. 

This 3-part programme provides an overview and understanding of the Green Star Interiors rating tool. We cover all the credits in this tool that allows for the certification of any interior fit out. 

This 2-part programme provides an overview and understanding of our rating system for our Green Star Sustainable Precincts tool.

This 2-part programme provides an overview and understanding of our rating system for our Net Zero/ Net Positive tool.

Our EDGE training programme is offered via a series of face to face workshops that educates you about our EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) too. Qualification is via an an online exam. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to become an AP?

As a registered AP, you will be equipped with the knowledge to guide a project team in the design and certification of a Green Star project. You will be recognised as a professional with a greater understanding of environmental issues related to the built environment and property industry.

Online Vs Face To Face?

In order to qualify for the exam you need to complete both the online and the face to face components of the AP programme. The order in which you choose to complete them does not matter. 

The online course material is focused around the technical details of the rating tool while the face to face gives students opportunity to engage around exercises that seek to give an understanding of the tools in application.

How do I achieve AP status?

There are currently 5 different types of AP accreditation’s offered by the GBCSA. You may become accredited in any or all of the types. The accreditation is building type specific, and the first step in achieving any of these is selecting which one is best suited to your work. You will then need to complete all programme components and pass the exam with 75% in order to become an AP.

How do I become part of the AP Directory?

Once you qualify as an AP you will automatically get added to our database and directory. It is then up to you to upload further details about yourself and keep your profile up to date.


GBCSA leads the way in the journey to net zero buildings

12 October 2017
The first four projects to be certified as Net Zero (pilot) in South Africa are the Vodafone Site Solution Innovation Centre in Midrand, Gauteng; Estuaries Plaza in Century City, Cape Town; and Greenfields Industrial Park in Cape Town and Two Dam Sustainable in Montagu in the Western Cape.
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