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Anelisa Keke

Anelisa is currently the Chief Sustainability Officer at Redefine Properties.

She holds an LLB and MComm (Tax) from the University of Cape Town. In her current role, she is responsible for further refining Redefine’s ESG strategy to achieve the application of best practice ESG principles across Redefine’s diversified real estate portfolio. Redefine has just under R73 billion in real estate assets under management.

Before joining Redefine, Anelisa was a senior manager at PwC in the Reward division, specialising in tax, legal and governance matters. She is also a member of the IoDSA REMCO Forum. She is  a widely regarded go-to source as a remuneration thought leader, a keynote speaker and editor.

Anelisa is an avid reader and supports various charities in the Eastern Cape where she grew up, as well as in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


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