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Net Zero - Live Webinar

About the Webinar

*GBCSA has introduced Live Webinars to replace the Face to Face Workshops in order to accommodate for the new social distancing regulations.

This webinar is ideal for those involved in the ongoing operation of existing buildings but new to sustainability or who want to gain an understanding of the business benefits derived from using the Green Star rating tools.

It shares the environmental impact areas associated with the operation of the built environment through the structure and ordered categories of the Green Star tools. This is invaluable for both those seeking certification and for those just wishing to understand how negative impact can be radically reduced through considered policies, good management and team collaboration.

We will also bring you up to speed on the development of our Net Zero / Net Positive rating tool.

This course is part of our accreditation pathways.

Webinar Format

This half day workshop will look at energy, carbon, water and waste, exploring regenerative design solutions and ways of design thinking. We will engage in a series of facilitated exercises and group discussions during the course of the day.

Webinar Outline

  • Brief Introduction to GBCSA 
  • What is Sustainable Development 
  • Why develop sustainably?
  • Certification and its Benefits
  • Global Context for Net Zero Tool      
  • Net Zero Tool in South Africa
  • Aims and Tool Structure
  • Certification Process
  • Submission Process
  • Net Zero Categories
  • Case Study 1:
  • Case Study 2:
  • Useful Resources 
  • Group Discussions

CPD Accreditation

SACAP Members

CPD SAIA 19-10/1

Workshop – 1.5 Points

Online Course – 1.5 Points

Online Exam – 0.5 Points

SAFMA Members

Workshop – 1.5 Points

Online Course – 1.5 Points

Online Exam – 1.5 Points

ECSA Members


Full Program 1 point

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