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Project Submission Workshop

About this workshop

This 3-4 hour complimentary workshop is offered in house to newly qualified accredited professionals. (max. 20 people)

Get insider knowledge and information on the certification process from a GBCSA technical team member. Important insights for newbies with great guidelines for getting your project through the hoops with as little trouble as possible.

Workshop format

The workshop is half day and covers the following:

  • Technical Clarifications & Credit Interpretation – Zendesk
  • Round 1 & Round 2 procedure
  • Clarification process
  • Submission format
  • Submission content & quality assurance – documentation format, size, bookmarking & highlighting
  • Assessment outcomes & options for resource
  • Common mistakes & Examples
  • Certification Engine outline

Who should attend

Newly qualified accredited professionals who have a project they are wanting to get certified.

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