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Economics of Green Buildings

Making Rands and Cents of Green Buildings

The environmental benefits of green building are beyond dispute but we often get asked “Doesn’t it cost more?” In order for green building to be taken up by the mainstream property and construction industry, the financial and business case must be clear too. 

Based on a seminal publication by the GBCSA and supported by research we conducted with the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors this course dives into the financial detail of designing, developing, building and managing a green building.

About this course

This 3.5 hour morning course is based on research conducted by the ASAQS and additional data analytics conducted by MSCI. We also take evidence from the more mature international green building markets that have undertaken large-scale, evidence-based studies into the costs and benefits of green building. 

The results clearly show that there is no significant difference between the cost of green buildings compared to conventional buildings and that green buildings achieve better investment returns and higher valuations. 

Who should attend?

Multidisciplinary, progressive professionals who want to learn more about sustainability and the financial incentives linked to green building.


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28 January 2020
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