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GBCSA Accredited Professional Tiers

To recognise the maturing of the green building sector in South Africa, Green Building Council South Africa has introduced tiers to the AP ratings given to professionals who are accredited with the GBCSA to work on Green Star or Net Zero projects. The three tiers: Accredited Professional Candidate (APc), Accredited Professional and Accredited Professional Practitioner (AP+), make the sector more transparent and accessible to those inside and outside the industry. Learn more about our AP tiering system here, or how to gear up your rating here or work as a GBCSA AP here.

Accredited Professional Candidate (APc)

These are students or recent graduates in building industry related field with less than six months industry experience who have completed the GBCSA’s Green Building Certification Program through their university. Upon graduating and gaining six months of industry experience, an APc can go on to become an AP by attending the Accredited Professional Workshop in the tool that they have opted to specialise in and by signing the Accredited Professional Agreement.

Accredited Professional (AP)

An AP is an individual who has met qualifying requirements, completed an Accredited Professional Program in their chosen specialisation and signed an Accredited Professional Agreement with the GBCSA. These programs provide significant exposure to the GBCSA grading and certification system of Green Star projects and are of value to all involved the green building sector. More detail regarding qualifying requirements can be found in the AP Protocol document.

Accredited Professional Practitioner (AP+)

An AP+ is an AP that has demonstrated higher levels of activity through practicing as an AP and engagement with the GBCSA through attending training, events, tours and other knowledge sharing events in a 12-month period. Various different AP specialisations are available that cover Green Star and Net Zero Certification Systems. An individual can have status in one or many specialisations.

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