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Stephen Elliott-Wetmore

Always looking for collaboration and finding synergy, Stephen currently drives Sustainable Business, Partnerships, and Innovations at WWF-SA.  Working with industries and companies alike in the analyses of material risks and identifying targets, and then championing the development of innovations, new ideas, alternatives, shifts and opportunities, towards developing sustainability strategies and re-shaping business models.

Seeking to strengthen market transformation and encourage low carbon bio-economy transitions, much of the work naturally includes creating shifts in how we better work and relate to our built environments – developing strategies and solutions to reduce our footprint to live within the confines of what our one planet.

A social economist and community developer by training, Stephen is a strategist and pragmatic optimist with a deep knowledge and blended experience in the fields of development, business sustainability, innovation, and market transformation. Driven by the desire for social, economic and environmental justice, he has often combined formal work experience with social enterprise. With more than 22 years’ experience and a career that has spanned 4 continents and across all sectors, he brings a range of leadership roles and unique perspectives and experience, garnered as a aid worker, researcher, academic, social entrepreneur, property developer, corporate consultant and policy advisor.

These include some of the Top 500 Fortune companies to global Aid Agencies such as the UNDP and SIDA; to creating Integrated Development Plans and Local Economic Development stakeholder mapping and engagements with GIZ & the CSIR; policy advice to the national government departments on transformation, food security and water surety on behalf of the World Bank and European Union; from industry transformation and Charter facilitation; to structuring and coaching some of the first Broad Based Black Empowerment enterprises; from training communities in participatory democracy, to shaping more than 50 corporate strategies for business sustainability.

He is also an Advisory Board member of the National Business Initiative , and serves as a thought leader of the Network for Business Sustainability in South Africa.

On an international front, Stephen fulfils the role as co-chair of the RSB (Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials ), an independent and global multi-stakeholder coalition which works to promote the sustainability of biomaterials (a key emerging agenda within the RSB is the role in shifting design and innovations in the use of biomaterials in our built environment).

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