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Northridge Coastal Estate

Project Floor Area: 566100m2
Date Certified: 16th January 2019
Address: Cape Town, Western Cape

The Northridge Coastal Estate is a residential estate located in Sunningdale, which comprises of approximately 429 residential dwellings.

The Estate has been designed in such a way to preserve biodiversity and enhance community interaction. Specifically, an approximately 7ha conservation area has been created to protect the dune thicket vegetation, and residents can enjoy the boardwalk, footpaths, and educational biodiversity signage provided in this area.

Furthermore, there are a multitude of open green spaces/parks for communal use, and a Community Zone has been established which will have a community meeting space/clubhouse where community events will take place.

Northridge Coastal Estate

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Sustainable Precincts

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