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Dear Member…

June 06, 2018

The GBCSA’s attention has been drawn to a publication impugning the credibility and integrity of the GBCSA, it’s supporters and members, and that of the South African green building movement at large. The GBCSA is procuring legal advice on the matter. In the interim it wishes to allay any concerns that may have arisen as a result of the publication, which is entirely baseless.

The GBCSA is a member based South African Non-Profit Organisation formed with the aim of transforming the built environment. Sustainability is a key driver of what we do and we deliver on our chosen mandate through advocacy, training and certification.

Since its inception, the GBCSA has and continues to work with organisations, companies and individuals who have similar objectives to collectively advance the green building movement.

GBCSA’s achievements are captured in our annual reports and audited financials which are open to our members and the general public. We adhere to the maximum standards of governance and we ensure compliance with the country’s legislative prescripts in the work that we do.

The GBCSA’s certification processes and standards have been developed for the South African and African context in an open and consultative manner through industry based stakeholder groups.

These standards are constantly improved and enhanced based on industry feedback and global best practice in terms of green building practices. The GBCSA has as of May 2018 issued 380 green building certifications, which is comparable to other GBCs in similar developing economies, but granted, more can be done and must be done – we urge you to continue to grow your support of the green building movement to see a much greater and deeper adoption of green building practices on the continent. Together we can make a difference.

For further information, please contact the GBCSA on 0861 042272, or

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