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Existing Building Performance - Green Star Rating Tool

Assessing the environmental performance of any existing building in operation.

The Existing Building Performance (EBP) Rating Tool covers the same environmental categories addressed in the Green Star New Building Rating Tools but the focus is on making the operations and management of the building efficient in order to maintain optimal performance.

This tool is designed for optimising the operational performance rating tool. The rating is valid for a period of 3 years in order to ensure the building is continually well operated and maintained. The ratings given for this tool are from 1 to 6 stars. 

Items such as energy and water monitoring, management policies and plans – Net zero and Edge? are required in order to achieve the rating. The tool also addresses the relationship between landlord and tenants, setting up a win-win situation with the (title case)green lease toolkit.

EBP performance results are very good, you will be eligible to apply for net zero and or edge. This can up your certification by a possible 2 stars!

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Available Ratings for this Tool

Our tools for New Buildings & Major Refurbishments allow for 2 certifications.

  1. Design: Based on tenders drawings & specifications
  2. As Built: Based on as-built drawings and commissioning records

Certification for these tools are 4; 5 and 6 Stars.

  • 4 Stars: “Best Practice”
  • 5 Stars: “South African Excellence”
  • 6 Stars: “World Leadership”


Project Area GLA Member Fees (Incl. 15% VAT) Non-member Fees (Incl. 15% Vat)
<4 999sqm R73570.00 R95819.00
5 000sqm - 19 999sqm R81440.00 R107730.00
20 000sqm - 69 999sqm R90650.00 R122100.00
>70 000sqm R99870.00 R133889.00

Certification Process

Find A Green Star AP

An independent Green Star AP must be appointed by the project developer at market related rates to collate and submit the documents to GBCSA for review and certification. 

Green Star AP are third-party professionals whose fees will be directly negotiated with the project developers and not set by GBCSA.

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