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Tackling the environmental impact of disposable nappies

The current disposable nappy landfill problem is alarming: an estimated more than 3.5 billion soiled nappies, or close to 1.1 million tonnes per year. Adult incontinence (40 000 tonnes) and female hygiene products (1.3 million) add considerably to the problem. Little wonder, it is estimated that AHP products account for the 4th largest recyclable contributor by volume to landfill space worldwide.

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Private and public sectors still entrenching urban sprawl

South Africa’s townships’ dysfunctional education and health systems have turned them into spatial traps. “The paradox is that the investment in public housing is capped by state spending. The more we redistribute to try and get the poor into the city, the more we reinforce spatial inequality. What we need to recognise is that the challenges we face get more acute with each public- and private-sector rand invested,” Pieterse said.

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