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It’s Getting Hot in Here

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it,” cites Redefine Properties’ website, a company which, along with other key players in the property sector, has drastically realigned its strategy in the last few years to make green building and sustainable practices an urgent priority.

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C40 South Africa Buildings Programme

Four South African cities, namely Cape Town, Johannesburg, eThekwini and Tshwane are part of the C40 South Africa Buildings Programme. The three-year programme (2018 – 2020) is supported by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and funded by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).

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Our cities work better with nature

A single tree can have a cooling performance of up to ten standard air conditioners by exhaling water vapour through their leaves, according to the US Department of Agriculture. By cooling the environment, trees help reduce the normally-higher temperatures of urban areas, and so make them more comfortable to live in.

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