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New GBCSA Accredited Professional tiering system

Now, the criteria of qualification, experience and level of activity and engagement in the industry will guide the GBCSA’s awarding of the Accredited Professional qualification into to arrange three distinct tiers. How are the three tiers categorised? Accredited Professional Candidate (APc) Students can take the first step in a career […]

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New digital library of exemplar sustainable buildings from across the world launched

World Green Building Council launches a new case study library showcasing  excellence in sustainable development globally, featuring buildings that are net zero carbon and/or enhance human health. On 19 November 2019 the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) launched a new digital case study library showcasing examples of the world’s most cutting-edge […]

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it,” cites Redefine Properties’ website, a company which, along with other key players in the property sector, has drastically realigned its strategy in the last few years to make green building and sustainable practices an urgent […]

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Green policies slowly help market growth

South Africa’s urban areas set the trend in how the country uses energy. Research indicates that these energy-intensive nodes consume almost half of our national electrical, petrol and diesel consumption, and generate 32% of SA’s energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. And, within the 4.6% of land space they occupy, 46% of […]

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Entrepreneurs Wash the Value Chain Green

As we better understand the harsh impacts of global warming it is becoming clear that having fewer unsustainable and damaging activities in the built environment value chain is not enough. Globally, Green Building Councils were founded to decrease the negative environmental and health impact of buildings and neighbourhoods, today their […]

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