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Our Green Building Leader Network

Our select network of green building leaders are helping us in setting the pace for green building in South Africa.

The Green Building Leader Network (GBLN) is a small network of industry leaders from the private and public sector which, by championing the holistic essence of what green building stands for, and providing strategic funding to enable vital expansion within the organisation, aims to strategically drive continued growth of the GBCSA.

This exclusive network is made up of the following 5 members:

  • Growthpoint
  • City of Tshwane
  • Liberty 2 Degrees
  • Standard Bank
  • South Africa Local Government Association (SALGA)

Green Leader Network Rationale

We are very proud of what the Green Building Council of South Africa has already achieved. We absolutely believe that our South African property industry stands shoulder to shoulder with their global peers in respect of the manner in which we have embraced environmental sustainability in the built environment. We have stunning examples of incredible green buildings that are providing more productive working environments, significantly lower operating costs and increased capital value.

But we are mindful of the extent of the responsibility that our industry has and of the role of theGreen Building Council of South Africa in leading and facilitating the move to a more sustainable world. We have set in motion a significant growth trajectory that will see all buildings, new and existing, not only being designed and built, but most importantly, operated and managed in a manner which minimises their impact on the environment while maximising economic returns.

The GBCSA market strategy has always been premised on working with a leader community which“pulls” the market. We actively celebrate the achievements of the leaders, reinforcing theaspirational and commercial value of their “first mover” advantage. The leaders demonstrate thatgreen building is not only possible, but as importantly, commercially viable, and the market follows.

This strategy has been very successful in our peer group (i.e. GBC Australia and GBC UK) and hascertainly been the main force behind our success to date in South Africa.

Building on from this strategy, the GBLN was established in 2013 with 5 industry members havingbeen on board for a 5 year period. This GBLN term will end in 2019. Current GBLN members areStandard Bank, GrowthPoint, Liberty, SALGA and City of Tshwane.

The Green Building Leadership Network- 2019-2022 will be limited to 10 members. A financialcommitment will be required for three years and a unique range of benefits (mostly tailored toindividual member needs) will provide a return on this investment to the members. The requiredcontribution is R750k 000.00pa (excl VAT) for 3 years.

Additional Unique benefits

Additional Unique benefits per GBLN member will be developed in consultation with the member and added on the GBLN agreement. Download Our Full Report

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