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    Measuring Energy Performance is a Catalyst to Net Zero


    GBCSA Welcomes New Chairman of the Board ­– Brian Unsted

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What We Do


We Advocate

We host events and campaigns to advocate for a better built environment.


We Educate

Professional development is available through our education offerings.


We Certify

Our suite of rating systems offer tools for almost any type of building.

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GBCSA Recent News

Rethinking water management – making responsible decisions – Dr. Leslie Hoy – Manager Environmental Management Services – Rand Water

Rainfall across the country has historically been variable over time, season, and locations.  This has been exacerbated due to the many influences of climate change across our country.

GBCSA Academy AP Spotlight: Thobekile Gambu, Umgeni Water

Thobekile Gambu is a professionally registered environmental scientist and an Accredited Green Building Professional for New Builds. She currently coordinates Umgeni Water’s efforts towards environmental sustainability.

Get the inside EDGE with GBCSA Academy

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has announced the roll-out plan for transitioning the EDGE training programme to Version 3. The roll-out, which commended on 15 February 2023 will conclude at the end of June when Version 2 of the training programme will be retired.

Introduction to Transforming Tomorrow: New Build v2 – in conversation with GBCSA’s CEO, Lisa Reynolds and Head of Technical, Georgina Smit

GBCSA’s Lisa Reynolds and Georgina Smit share with us their thoughts on the Transforming Tomorrow New Build v2 tool, its significance, an overview of the process so far and when it will launch.

Where we operate


Residential Sector

Our work in the residential sector includes the development of rating tools that allow us to build and occupy better homes.

We additionally offer training in this sector.


Commercial Sector

All our rating tools can be used throughout the building industry, we have over 8 tools that you can tools you can choose from depending on your building type.

We also offer green building training for our rating tools as well as broader green building topics.


Public Sector

Our work in the public sector focuses on advocating with local and national government for better building standards, in turn creating better cities for you and me

Our education offerings are also of value to the public sector.

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How we operate


Passion for a higher cause

This drives us to work with dedication, focus and commitment to the cause. We keep our eyes on the big picture and know that what we do now matters.


Thought Leadership

Our pioneering origins keep us from complacency. We strive to be courageous and proactive green building thought-leaders as we mentor our brand ‘citizens’ and make space for cutting-edge thinking.


Collaboration & warmth

Founded in a deep understanding that together we can achieve more, we stay flexible, open and responsive. Everyone who connects with us feels welcome, and we celebrate the positive impact that those in our community have on the world.

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Our Certified Buildings


Case Studies

Browse all our certified and registered buildings and homes

View single-page summaries of all certified projects and learn how teams are affecting sustainable change in the built environment. This database of all our certified projects gives clients and project teams insight into our rated projects. Case study information includes applicable Green Star Rating, sustainable building features, project team and how points were allocated.

Our Planet Shapers

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Rating Tools Customisation for Government

It is with great excitement that these two (2) separate REQUEST FOR QUOTES are posted on our website : New Building and Existing Building Performance.

Member Directory

Find a GBCSA member service or product for your next project

When an organisation or corporate company becomes a GBCSA member, it reflects their commitment to sustainability and participating in transforming the South African built environment. By making use of our members’ services and products, you too will become part of our network of industry leaders and pioneers, collectively championing the green building cause and accelerating the development and adoption of best practices.

Our Campaigns & Initiatives

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Accredited Professional Directory

Find the best suited Accredited Professional for your project

An Accredited Professional is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to become a confident leader in guiding projects through Green Star certification. An Accredited Professional improves project owner and teams’ understanding of green design principles, the Green Star or Net Zero Certification Systems and to facilitate certification. Accredited Professionals may offer advice to clients on green design and assistance with preparation of a client’s submission for certification.

Our Events

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Green Building Council to reduce physical footprint

Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) will be reducing their physical office footprint from two regional offices into one, resulting in GBCSA operations being located in Cape Town.

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